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In addition to the impartial advice that RISC provides because we do not represent - and have no contracts with - any insurance companies, we differ from typical insurance "agents" and "brokers" in many other ways. Additional differences include:


  1. In-depth interviews take place to ascertain risk tolerance levels, as well as scope of business operations and identification of specific areas for improvement. We focus on broad risk management problem areas in addition to insurance exposure concerns.

  2. Ability to access any insurance carrier that will do the best job for your business situation - not just "independent agency" or "captive" insurance companies.

  3. Sharing of "behind the scenes" insurance company information that insurance agents cannot (due to lack of knowledge) or will not (may not be in their best interest) share.

  4. Providing creative solutions to risk management problem areas that go well beyond the scope of insurance.

  5. Time savings realized from making use of "Rent-a-Risk Manager" services, or from entirely outsourcing your internal insurance and risk management function.