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Company Overview

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you significantly improve your insurance and risk management programs. We do this by applying our expert knowledge of insurance policy language and of the current marketplace, and by providing 100% impartial and objective advice. Since we do not represent any insurance companies, we do not have premium volume commitments and loss ratio concerns to worry about. Instead, we focus solely on doing what is best for you, our client.

We are nearing our second decade in business and have helped many clients create top-notch insurance and risk management programs. Some types of businesses and individuals we have helped include:

  • Large companies who wish to have an independent audit of their insurance and risk management programs in the spirit of Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, Basel III and similar federal legislation.

  • Business start-ups

  • Businesses who have had claims problems, including unwarranted denial of covered claims

  • Organizations who find themselves confused and frustrated with insurance company jargon and rules

  • Rapidly growing businesses

  • Companies that require the services of a company risk manager but do not have the need for a full-time risk manager

  • Businesses that have a need for due diligence prior to purchasing a new company

  • Businesses who have already merged with, or have acquired another company

  • Businesses who see value in outsourcing their insurance and risk management function to a knowledgeable 3rd party, allowing them to focus on their core business competencies

  • Successful, affluent individuals who wish to protect their personal assets through comprehensive insurance programs and risk management processes

Put our experience to the test.

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