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Specific Examples of How We Have Added Value to Our Clients' Bottom-Line


  • Identified gap in retroactive date on umbrella policy providing excess coverage over existing Architects & Engineers Professional Liability policy, filling $9,000,000 gap.

  • Identified $250,000 gap in underlying Worker's Compensation policy that client would have had to pay before umbrella policy responded.

  • Suggested deletion of pre-packaged coverage endorsement which contained several enhancements not needed by client, resulting in significant cost savings.

  • Recommended purchase of all pertinent insurance coverages from one specific insurance carrier that specialized in this client's business operations. This resulted in significant coverage enhancements and discounts amounting to several thousand dollars.

  • Prepared and negotiated competitive insurance company bids resulting in much broader coverages at an insurance premium savings of well over $500,000 during a 2-year timeframe.

  • Recommended addition of broader coverage endorsements to better protect specific business exposures, further protecting corporate assets.

  • Used knowledge of current marketplace to refute insurance agent's claim that client had "the best work comp dividend program offered by the existing insurance company," providing renewal policy negotiation leverage.

  • Identified lack of insurance coverage (where client thought coverage existed) on a large high-valued building due to vacancy provisions present in the insurance policy, providing over $250,000 in savings should a total loss have occurred.

  • Questioned the "historical registry" status of older buildings and addressed issues pertaining to local building codes. Added appropriate coverage endorsements to provide protection for future claims related to the Americans With Disabilities Act provisions and local building codes.

  • Identified inconsistent policy provisions which would have made handling of insurance claims problematic. The conflicting wording gave cause for possible denial of a claim that would have otherwise been covered absent such wording.

  • Analyzed general liability codes and found both missing and incorrect classification codes, premium basis and gross sales and payroll amounts. Resulting changes provided coverage in areas not previously insured, as well as thousands of dollars in cost savings.

  • Pulled together both personal and commercial insurance policies for an owner of multiple businesses with a high-valued home. This resulted in more efficient business and personal insurance programs with fewer gaps and coverage overlaps.