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"RISC's expertise and background was immeasurably valuable in placing our property and casualty insurance." Jim O.

"I was very pleased with RISC's work and would not hesitate to recommend them to other companies in my industry." Ken B.

"If RISC had not come into the picture, I don't know what I would have done!" Mary P.

"RISC offers a unique and important service. We are very fortunate to have their services available to our company. " Chuck H.

"RISC used their skill and knowledge of the insurance business to enable us not only to reduce our premium initially, but also to help us structure a sound policy with future savings!" Willi F.

"I was CFO of a $50 million company and now own my own business. I thought I knew a great deal about insurance, but I was truly amazed at what RISC found in their analysis of my insurance and risk management program." Jerry H.

"As owner of my company, I have been making decisions about insurance for more than 20 years now. RISC really opened my eyes and showed me that I had much to learn." Dick M.

I have dealt with my company's insurance program day in and day out and thought we were in good shape. However, I just can't believe how much I learned from having RISC involved." Sheila G.