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  • RISC is an important facet of a balanced financial plan. We work closely with lenders, financial planners, attorneys and CPAs to round out analysis of your exposure to financial risk. We typically work through CFOs and CEOs of large and medium-size businesses, as well as owners of smaller businesses, to bring expertise and value to their respective organizations.

  • RISC helps you make risk management and insurance-related decisions based on your needs, not on what an insurance agent or company might be able to "sell" to you. The way that insurance products are marketed and sold today benefits insurance companies and insurance agencies, but not necessarily you. We are your advocate in the insurance decision-making process.

  • We are compensated only by you, not by any insurance company, so there is no potential conflict of interest - something that the typical insurance agent cannot claim.

  • Much like checks and balances that are in place at companies to prevent employee dishonesty claims - regardless of how much you trust your employees - it is always a good idea to have an impartial review of your P&C insurance program as part of your company's due diligence process.

  • RISC's focus is on improving your bottom line! We do this by making certain that proper insurance and risk management techniques are in place, by making a conscious effort to save you money, and by reducing the amount of time that you spend on insurance research and decisions. One of our primary goals is to save our clients more money than is paid to us in consulting fees.

  • We analyze your current insurance and risk management programs, focusing on closing insurance gaps and recommending non-insurance alternatives, where these make sense.

  • If desired, after reviewing your existing program, we can develop unique templates that will be used to obtain quotations from various insurance providers who will compete to provide the best value for your insurance dollar.

  • We will review your current claims history and look for changes that will save you money.

  • Agencies that represent direct writer companies cannot access independent insurance carriers, and vice-versa. We work on your behalf to cut across all insurance company marketing approaches to do what is best for you.

  • Insurance carriers must be persuaded to provide their best price and coverage. Let our expertise and experience aid in this process.

  • Rather than have an insurance agent "sell" products to you, we will help you tell them what you need. This way, you can choose the types and limits of insurance that will provide the greatest balance of coverage for the price you pay.

  • You may have a good relationship with your insurance agent and/or insurance company. Since we do not sell insurance, know that you can keep your insurance with them, if you wish. However, since anyone can make a mistake, we provide an impartial, unbiased 2nd set of eyes to review the insurance programs you now have in place. Consider what checks and balances you now have in place, if any. We adhere to the philosophy of "trust, but verify."

  • Save valuable time by providing information only once, and by having the ability to make a fast, informed decision based on the Executive Summary we provide.

  • Since we are paid by you, not an insurance company, our loyalty is only to you. We are your advocate and do solely what is in your best interest.