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Distinctive P&C Services

Our primary focus at Risk & Insurance Services Consulting, LLC (RISC) is fee-only consulting and litigation support services related to risk management and property and casualty (P&C) insurance. Since we do not sell insurance we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients, not to insurance agents, companies or others.

We have spent nearly two decades helping large businesses and wealthy individuals save money, plug gaps and improve their insurance and risk management programs.

Our consulting services include areas such as analysis of insurance programs to identify gaps; insurance program design; negotiation of insurance coverages and pricing, and development of unique templates to obtain competitive insurance bids, to name just a few. Key outcomes sought during each project include coverage improvements and money savings.

Litigation support is provided to both plaintiff and defense in areas such as trial preparation assistance, expert witness work and deposition and trial testimony.

In addition, we provide the following services:

  • Inside the Insurance Industry - Third Edition: We offer discounts on bulk orders of our acclaimed book, which enjoys both domestic and international sales. It is highly ranked on several lists of Best Sellers in Insurance, including at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Because our book delivers valuable insights to people not directly working in the P&C industry, our book serves as an industry resource for those who want to learn more about insurance. Visit Right Side Creations, LLC.

  • Seminars and Education Workshops: We provide informative and engaging educational courses related to our core areas of expertise. Topics can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients, and continuing education credits are available depending on the course subject matter. Are you a large financial institution whose financial advisors are required to obtain continuing education credits prior to renewing their insurance license? We can help. Discover for yourself why we have received accolades for presentations to large and small groups alike.

  • RISC ANALYZER: Our online program helps advisors at large financial services companies identify risk exposures for their wealthy clients, including those who are business owners. It plugs gaps that can exist in insurance programs due to exposure areas that are overlooked during the P&C insurance purchase and renewal processes. Simply put, the RISC ANALYZER helps its users avoid financial harm. Visit RISC Analyzer.

The single thing that all of our offerings share in common is the desire to improve P&C insurance situations. Whether by educating our clients via seminars and book offerings, exposing existing coverage gaps through our RISC ANALYZER program and consulting services, to assisting attorneys to better understand insurance related case materials, we intend to leave a footprint that has a lasting, positive impact on all who use our services.

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Our Motto

"Solutions, Not Slogans."








Celebrating 19 Years of Excellence

Our Mission Statement

"To provide our clients with expert, unbiased consultation in the areas of risk management and insurance. Our focus is to protect our clients from financial harm by identifying, analyzing, and controlling risk at the lowest possible cost."