President’s Page

Kevin Glaser RISC, LLC Owner PhotographThanks for stopping by our website. You’ve seen our capabilities and the value we deliver to each client, now it’s time to get personal. This page will help you better understand who you are working with.

I grew up in a large Nebraska city. During the summers of my 13th through 15th years I worked on my grandpa’s farm. The work was hard and dirty and consisted mainly of cutting weeds, stacking hay and painting outbuildings. I got paid a fair wage for my efforts and I learned how to work hard. Farm work wasn’t all I tried. Between high school and college, I spent time as a dishwasher, janitor, cook, security guard, bouncer, musician, clerical worker and more. Much was learned from each job – not just from the different duties expected of me, but from the people I encountered.

My professional insurance career started in my early 20’s, when I began working at a large mutual insurance company. During my nearly two decades at different insurance carriers, I held jobs in claims, underwriting, marketing and management, involving areas that included personal, commercial and farm insurance. Throughout my insurance career I took courses to gain technical knowledge to enhance the practical knowledge I was receiving on the job.

But, the longer I worked in the industry, the more strongly I believed that the interests of those buying insurance were not adequately represented by either insurance carriers or insurance agents/brokers. So, with a powerful desire to help businesses and individuals better understand the policies that they were purchasing, in 2000 – in the midst of all the y2k scares – I opened RISC and began operating out of a spare bedroom in our home filled with four young children. To make ends meet during my business start-up, I worked part-time as a house painter and took on a variety of odd jobs – ranging from snow removal and lawn care to playing guitar and singing in Oconomowoc bars. And, with only a couple of hundred or so businesses across the entire USA with a similar fee-only insurance consulting model, it took a while to “get the word out” about how RISC’s involvement both improves insurance coverages and reduces prices paid.

But my persistence has paid off. Today, RISC operates out of an owned building in the heart of downtown Oconomowoc, and we have successfully served clients ranging from wealthy individuals and NYSE-listed businesses to small locally owned businesses with only a handful of employees.

I am proud of our work ethic and the fact that we have never missed a project deadline or failed to accomplish what we have promised. If you desire to work with a firm that not only has a wealth of technical expertise but that also has first-hand experience in business ownership, intellectual property creation, asset protection, litigation support, expert witness testimony and much more, please give us a try.

Some interesting Oconomowoc facts:

The photo on this page was taken by my daughter, Briana, and shows Oconomowoc’s Fowler Lake – which sits directly behind my office building – at sunset. The name Oconomowoc (ō con ō mō woc) was derived from the Potawatomi Indian word for “waterfall” Coo-no-mo-wauk.

Our city has hosted six U.S. Presidents: Cleveland, Grant, Taft, Coolidge, McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. More so, my office building was one of the locations where U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy stopped on March 31, 1960, to give a speech about our national forests.

Our company is located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin – not in a major metropolis – and we are a small business with a firm commitment to always keep our clients’ best interests in mind. And here’s a little-known fact – Oconomowoc was chosen as the location for the world premiere of the movie The Wizard of Oz, which took place on August 12, 1939.